Mar 03

I’m writing this post offline using Windows Live Writer, sat in the comfort of our lodge at Centerparcs. 

We paid for the Priority Package which includes the following:

Early check in at 2:00pm (rather than 3:30)
3 hour Spa session at the World of Spa (worth £36 pp)
2 x Adult bike hire (£17.50 value)
£10 off voucher for the grocery shop
Day pass for visitors (worth £20 or so)

So the spa sessions were worth £72, the bike hire £20, a tenner off the grocery shop (which is reasonably priced to be fair – much, much more reasonable than Butlins was) and we got early entrance for free in effect. 

We got here at about 13:00, we joined a queue to check in, this involved driving into a bay with automatic doors that only let one car through at a time – I almost wet myself, it was so Star Trek is was untrue!, you checked in, were given your keys and told where to go, we were then directed to the main car park. 

We moved from the car park to the barrier that leads to the lodges just after 13:50, we were the first car there but were swiftly joined by another 4 cars.  Someone from security came over at about 13:58 and asked for our name, ticked it off the list and had the barrier raised for us, we drove round, followed the map until we found the lodge – it was quite a drive round but it was certainly interesting. 

We pulled up at the lodge, jumped out and came in for a look around.  Our grocery pack had been delivered prior to our arrival along with the logs for the log fire.  I couldn’t get over the size of the place.  There are three bedrooms, a main one downstairs with an on-suite, two twin rooms upstairs with another bathroom in between and a toilet off the main entrance.  That’s three toilets! one and a half each.  When Andrew and Zoe get here on Wednesday we’re going to have to split them and share 🙁

We had the car back in the main car park by 14:30, an hour before the rabble were allowed in, we also had a chance to trade our voucher in for bikes, a couple of Mongoose mountain bikes, pretty good although changing gears is a little choppy, I managed to have the chain come off mine and so had to put it back on, good job that hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years!

We cycled to the shop, picked up another log (one that crackles!) and some matches.  We took the opportunity to scout around the village centre, look at the bowling place and what else was on offer, also checked out the place we’re eating on my birthday – they do ribs!! We then started back to the lodge.  Unfortunately it was now past 3:30 and there were cars everywhere, cycling was difficult if not dangerous, it also caused us to go the wrong way round (and I lost my map 🙁 ). 

Finally getting back to the lodge we locked up the bikes and got sorted to go to the spa, got there on our second attempt as Sue left the voucher at the lodge, we found a shorter route though so we can now get to the spa and village centre pretty easily 🙂

The spa was awesome, you basically get access to a bunch of sauna/steam rooms/water beds/hydrotherapy pools/outside swimming pool/showers etc for as long as you want. 

The steam rooms were fab, all smelled differently with slightly different temperatures and humidity. The outside pool I thought was a seasonal thing but no, it was open and I was swimming in it in the rain, and then later when it got dark.  It was very surreal!

We decided that we’d had enough so we set off back to the lodge so that we could order takeaway.  We decided to spoil ourselves and get a pizza along with some nibbles and ice cream.  Took us about 20 minutes to get through on the phone and they told us delivery would take 2-2.5 hours.  Having not a lot of food in we were stuck, I decided to make some toast and now we’re currently waiting for the food to arrive.  Another hour or so till that happens though.  Oh well, guess there’s a lot of demand for it with it being free delivery on Mondays and Fridays. 

This post won’t be going live until sometime tomorrow morning, probably after bowling, maybe before when I find one of the wireless hotspots they have around the centre.  Not bothered about not having internet at the lodge but it’s nice to still have somewhere to record thoughts and feelings.  I love my netbook. 

Tomorrow we have bowling and we’ll probably eat at Bella Pasta for tea.  We have some Tesco Clubcard vouchers that we converted.  Would probably cover us for two meals!

That’s it for now, going to curl up on the sofa with Sue and wait for tea to arrive 🙂

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