I published an amazon skill

I’ve put together a skill as part of a tutorial from acloudguru and I’ve had this published by amazon. If you’re studying for your AWS solutions architect associate exam and you’d like to stream exam tips and tidbits of information to your Alexa – have a look at it here. https://skills-store.amazon.co.uk/deeplink/dp/B07HJ4T9DH?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy

A few tweaks

So as expected, I’m going to need to make a few tweaks to the ami and the image running along with adding a bit of scripting magic to make things run more smoothly. In regards to the ec2 instance, spot requests are definitely the way to go.  The cost saving is insane, and it’s not
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We’re in the cloud!

Technically we were always in the cloud.  I mean, after all, the cloud is just somebody else’s computer, right? I was using a hosting company called tsohost, been using them for years and years and years.  £50 a year, they manage the underlying infrastructure and I manage the sites and mail and whatnot. Mail was
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Well hello there!

New site, new hosting, new blog, new content. New hosting that I built myself, I might add, in AWS (woo).  Using my Cloud Engineering skills. In fact, more to the point, everything that you’re seeing here, this blog, the photoblog, the underlying infrastructure, I built it all from an IPad Pro, tethered to a mobile
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