I published an amazon skill

I’ve put together a skill as part of a tutorial from acloudguru and I’ve had this published by amazon. If you’re studying for your AWS solutions architect associate exam and you’d like to stream exam tips and tidbits of information to your Alexa – have a look at it here. https://skills-store.amazon.co.uk/deeplink/dp/B07HJ4T9DH?deviceType=app&share&refSuffix=ss_copy

Practice makes perfect

I’m 3/4 of the way through my acloudguru AWS training course for solutions architect associate and decided that now I’ve done most of the VPC chapter and my understanding of the subject is helped infinitely by my experience, it was time to use the practice exam voucher on the AWS.training site to see how far
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This is absolutely crazy.   Look at the price difference between a t3 micro and a t3 small running spot.   It’s well under half the price.   Much cheaper running it this way than having apache on a t2 small and a seperate RDS instance.   S3 backups running well – or they are
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Migration complete

So the RDS instance has been terminated now. I’ve got S3 backed mysql backups running nightly, so I’m saving myself an absolute fortune. Still some tuning to do and I’m not sure if I’m going to stick at spot pricing or look into reserved pricing.  I need to get some tuning in place first with
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Migrated the DB

Turns out that running an RDS database is quite pricey – moving this over to the EC2 instance whilst I re-evaluate my architectural decisions.  Spot pricing looks to be the best way forward still, but I need to make sure I’m getting backups – will have to set up a nightly mysql backup to s3
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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I’m on the train on the way back from Manchester to Leeds after having completed my AWS Cloud Practioner examination.   I passed!   Not sure on my score yet, waiting for the report and the certificate to be available from my certification account.   I’ve just realised that this is my first certification since
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A few tweaks

So as expected, I’m going to need to make a few tweaks to the ami and the image running along with adding a bit of scripting magic to make things run more smoothly. In regards to the ec2 instance, spot requests are definitely the way to go.  The cost saving is insane, and it’s not
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