Red Panda

The elusive Red Panda at Chester Zoo – very hard to catch these guys out and about but I guess I was lucky this week. Aperture: ƒ/5.6 Camera: Canon EOS 30D Taken: 7 July, 2013 Focal length:... Read More


Borrowed my friend\’s underwater camera and case, this is one of the shots I managed to get of Harry. Fairly happy with it πŸ™‚ Aperture: ƒ/2 Camera: Canon PowerShot S95 Taken: 14 June, 201... Read More


Another HDR from our trip to Whitby yesterday. This one looked quite nice in colour but I feel it works best in black and white. Love the detail in the buildings, the depth given to the rows by the cl... Read More

Dean Clough

A quick grab shot I took at lunchtime of the sign above the mill complex where I work. The mills have been converted into modern office space. It\’d be interesting to have seen what they looked ... Read More


This is a photo taken at a wedding of some friends of ours. It was one of those times where you just capture the right expression at the right time. Slightly off focus but I like it nonetheless. Apert... Read More


Wow – an update! Taken at Filey a month or so ago, the wonderful beach that they have down there as the tide was approaching it\’s lowest of the day. Shame about the highlights in the sky,... Read More


I decided to go through and look through my shots from Whitby again, I can sometimes be a little harsh and I know when I looked through them originally I was looking for the killer wave shot so skippe... Read More


I\’m not sure if I like what I\’ve done this one. I decided that there was too much foreground water so cropped it, then I decided that there was too much sky so cropped it there too. Now ... Read More


Well, I\’ve blown the sky in this one. Its strange, both of these Scarborough shots look better in Black and White. Here we have a few of the marina taken fairly low down with lobster cages and ... Read More

Sea Fret

Whilst visiting Bridlington today we stopped at the harbour and found that the sea fret was still covering most of it. It was quite interesting because a few miles out of Brid it was upwards of 23 deg... Read More


We stopped for a hotdog not long after we arrived at the zoo (the kiosks have been closed over winter – we were having withdrawal symptons). I finished mine rather quickly and Mike was still enj... Read More


This is the second of two duck shots I decided to keep from Sunday. The first one I thought was a brilliant shot – I managed to get the duck mid quack and it looked realy good on the back of the... Read More


This is a Kestrel, taken in Chester Zoo, the kestrels are located around the corner from the Sealions and I think its a path that many people fail to notice. The bird posed like a pro for me and I man... Read More


I seem to be catching the animals doing strange things lately. The lioness was enjoying her lunch and I caught her sticking her tongue out at her boyfriend who was sunbathing on the grass (picture com... Read More


I took this photo this morning on behalf of work for the new GOALS Bradford development we have on site. Its a 5aside football facility. I like the sky in this one and its the best one I took out of t... Read More


Saw this funky looking branch on a tree and decided to shoot it as it looked interesting. After all these shots I removed the eyeglass compensation on the camera and my focusing and DoF seemed better,... Read More


I took about 100 pictures of this snail and his friends on Sunday and this is one of the only ones that is any good, my DoF seems to be naff on most of them, either one eye or the other in focus when ... Read More