Wow – an update! Taken at Filey a month or so ago, the wonderful beach that they have down there as the tide was approaching it\’s lowest of the day. Shame about the highlights in the sky,... Read More


I decided to go through and look through my shots from Whitby again, I can sometimes be a little harsh and I know when I looked through them originally I was looking for the killer wave shot so skippe... Read More


I\’m not sure if I like what I\’ve done this one. I decided that there was too much foreground water so cropped it, then I decided that there was too much sky so cropped it there too. Now ... Read More


Well, I\’ve blown the sky in this one. Its strange, both of these Scarborough shots look better in Black and White. Here we have a few of the marina taken fairly low down with lobster cages and ... Read More

Sea Fret

Whilst visiting Bridlington today we stopped at the harbour and found that the sea fret was still covering most of it. It was quite interesting because a few miles out of Brid it was upwards of 23 deg... Read More