Scarborough HDR Steps

Took a three exposure bracketed shot with the intention of putting together a HDR. Decided it worked much better in black and white.

My postcard shot

Probably the last shot I\’ll be posting from my Scarborough/Whitby ones (hopefully I\’ve still got one or two from Bridlington last week to go through). I initially discarded this one due to not liking the foreground foliage so much. Theres something about the shot that … Continue readingMy postcard shot

Many levels

This picture of Scarborough shows just how steep it is from the harbour up to the town centre. I quite like the mixture of building shapes and colours. Such a lovely calm scene compared to the sea at Whitby

Birds Eye view

I noticed I have several dust bunnies on this photo (mostly gone due to photoshop magic). Needs a decent clean after it having gone to Kenya – its to be expected though. Its been well over a year since I last cleaned it anyway. Took … Continue readingBirds Eye view


Well, I\’ve blown the sky in this one. Its strange, both of these Scarborough shots look better in Black and White. Here we have a few of the marina taken fairly low down with lobster cages and such on the right hand side. Theres also … Continue readingMarina