AWS RE:Invent

As a professional working with AWS, is there any event in the calendar year that is more exciting than AWS RE:Invent?   Gutted I didn’t get the chance to go this year.  I am SO EXCITED by the new tech coming out of there though.   Robotics AND SATELLITE DATA!?   Amazing stuff.

Jefferson Frank Salary Survey: Key Findings

Sam Samarasekera, Business Manager at AWS recruitment firm Jefferson Frank, discusses the key findings of the company’s independent salary survey, exploring everything from diversity to salary benchmarks, certification and beyond.    Amazon Web Services’ incredible growth comes with continued benefits to technology industry professionals, but until now they have been difficult to measure accurately. The Jefferson Frank Salary
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Happy Black Friday!

Today is the day we get to see which retailers have elastic scaling infrastructure and half decent architects with forward planning and those who do not.   CDKeys and ChaosCards have already been hit with downtime post mail shots – don’t email your customer base if you can’t cope with them all clicking the link
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Running from RDS….again

In the middle of a migration from the local EC2 instance of mysql back to RDS.  Need to burn through this promotional credit somehow. Lets test that DB writes are still working…..

WAF is pricey – for personal use

Turns out that WAF costs $5 per acl and $5 per rule per month. And that $10 protection I had in place for a simple geo block against China and a few other countries I was getting probing attacks from wasn’t included in the AWS credit I’ve got so I’ve turned it off.    
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We’re SSL enabled

Since I’ve got $300 of AWS credit to use up before December 2019 and my t3 micro instance isn’t really doing a good job of that, I decided I might as well throw up a load balancer, get the certificate assigned to it and set up route53 properly to that alias. So far so good. 
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What next?

So I passed my AWS solutions architect associate exam on the 27th September. I think I ended up with about 87% Pretty happy with that. Now trying to decide if I’m going to go for the systems administrator exam and developer exam or if I’m going to concentrate on solutions architecture. I’m also eyeing up
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I published an amazon skill

I’ve put together a skill as part of a tutorial from acloudguru and I’ve had this published by amazon. If you’re studying for your AWS solutions architect associate exam and you’d like to stream exam tips and tidbits of information to your Alexa – have a look at it here.

Practice makes perfect

I’m 3/4 of the way through my acloudguru AWS training course for solutions architect associate and decided that now I’ve done most of the VPC chapter and my understanding of the subject is helped infinitely by my experience, it was time to use the practice exam voucher on the site to see how far
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